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How Much Can I Earn as an IT Contractor?

28 July 2020

How Much Can I Earn as an IT Contractor?

For those with the right IT skills, a recent boom in demand for IT Contractors is creating significant uplifts in rates. The accelerated digital transformation post-lockdown continues to make remote working the norm for a large percentage of people, while businesses continue to move their products and services online. Although businesses recognise the need for digital investment if they’re going to survive the economic slump, many don’t have the financial resources to employ individuals with tech specialisms on a permanent basis. This means that competition for IT contractors with specific skills will be fierce. Here we take a look at some of the most in-demand IT roles at the moment and what contractors can expect to earn.

Cyber Security

While revealing many benefits, the rise in remote working has put company infrastructure at increased risk of hackers. This means that companies need to secure their data in the new remote working environment. Top cyber security talent, which was already in demand before the pandemic, will remain indispensable as agile working practices continue for the foreseeable future. According to the Hays Tech Contractor Day Rate Guide 2020, senior roles can expect day rates of £650-800, whereas rates for more junior roles are around £450.


Cloud Infrastructure

Before the pandemic, contractors working in cloud infrastructure saw a 2.9%-day rate increase over the past year driven by an increase in cloud-based systems and apps. As we move to more diverse ways of working, business will need to continue optimising this infrastructure. Use of cloud infrastructure AWS, Azure & G Cloud and applications such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365 means that experienced cloud infrastructure skills have become more sought-after. Cloud Engineers received a 15% increase on day rates in the last four months and contractors working as AWS architects or engineers can expect day rates between £450 and £650.


Collaboration Tools

More than two-thirds of companies say that they have increased their usage of collaborative tools such as MS Teams and Zoom in lockdown. The continued management of these tools is proving vital as we come out of lockdown. Freelancers specialising in collaboration and implementation are commanding between £350 and £500 per day.


Data Science

Data scientists are moving towards the front of the demand. In the public sector, many organisations are using data to model the impact of the pandemic on their business and decide what measures need to be taken forward. Day rates for Data Architects tend to fall in the region of £550 to £625, followed by Data Scientists where rates are between £450 and £600, depending on location. Rates for Data Managers, Data Engineers and Data Analysts are fairly comparable and tend to start at around £400.


Change Management & Software Skills

The speed with which organisations have had to react to the outbreak of Covid-19 has heightened demand for change management skills. In a recent survey, 44% of employers surveyed said that project and change management skills were sought-after in their organisation. 57% of respondents cited software development skills as crucial for building new systems.



The need for high-level developers in core languages such as Open Source and Microsoft technologies has remained constant since lockdown. As e-commerce booms, firms are competing to secure the top talent in the market. This has seen around a four percent increase for senior developer rates. Day rates are a minimum of £350, and peak at around £600.

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